Engaging different sectors in order to find solutions to marine environmental problems

We work engaging different sectors including start-ups, companies, NGOs, governments, academia and citizens in order to find solutions to current marine environmental problems. Current projects are centred in Barcelona, Spain littoral coast, Europe and internationally.

Currents projects

Ocean corporate Responsibility

Engaging companies with other sectors in order to find solutions for marine environmental problems


Helping to build joint responsibility with companies and to promote the value to the marine environment and biodiversity in Barcelona and Catalonia litoral coast.


Helping to build a co-responsibility of tourists and hotels, giving value to the environment and marine biodiversity of Barcelona.

Science with citizens

Together with experts in the field, we design and coordinate programs whereby citizens take the lead in contributing to the science and research of the marine environment.

Supporting effective Marine Protected Areas

We assist in the different processes for the effective management of MPAs from the development of project proposals, stakeholder engagement, MPA management planning and implementation.

Designing capacity building for early career professionals

We assist in the development of programs for early career professionals to become future leaders for the conservation of our oceans and environment.

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