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Those who trust us

Our clients choose us because together, we make a difference.

Why do they choose us?

Oceanogami is the bridge that connects the needs of our ocean with socio-political and economic objectives and projects. We promote greater ocean responsibility through projects, consultancies and awareness-raising, education, and research events. Our approach promotes effective actions for marine conservation, ranging from companies and governments to NGOs and citizens.

Economia azul sostenible Oceanogami

Sustainable Blue Economy Consulting

Our team of experts in the fields of Blue Economy, Marine Conservation, and effective management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) offer their knowledge and skills for the development and planning of projects and consultancies.

Responsabilidad oceanica Oceanogami

Corporate Ocean Responsibility

Through programs of events and activities related to the marine environment, we connect the needs of the ocean with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) CSR objectives and projects of companies. Together, we face the problems of the marine ecosystem and promote marine corporate responsibility and teamwork.

Cultura oceanica Oceanogami

Ocean Culture and Citizen Science

We connect society directly with marine ecosystems. Our marine citizen science events and activities encourage greater protection of the marine environment as well as inform and educate the public to give a better understanding of the current challenges facing the ocean at a social and scientific level.

Why do we do it?

Imagine that 70% of your house is in ruins; that’s what happens with our ocean. Our “Blue Planet,” vital for life, faces challenges such as pollution, climate change, habitat degradation, and overfishing.

Managing Marine Protected Areas effectively and establishing a sustainable blue economy are vital in turning the tide. However, poor coordination between different sectors and a lack of understanding of oceanic culture are big obstacles we face.

It’s time to act, right? At Oceanogami, we are committed to guiding companies, organizations, and society towards awareness and effective action for ocean conservation. Our goal is to navigate towards a “blue society” committed to active participation in protecting the ocean.

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How we have positively contributed to the ocean:

Since 2018, Oceanogami has participated in 24 projects. Oceanogami has focused on making the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDGs 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15) accessible to all people through citizen science projects, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and continuous improvement of the management of Marine Protected Areas.

Read our annual repport to learn more about the projects we have completed this year!



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Our projects:

The-cluster-project-Oceanogami (1)
CLUSTER project entrepreneurship training for women and young people in the Mediterranean to develop sustainable businesses
Taller de concienciación - Oceanogami
Taller infantil de arte y concienciación sobre especies protegidas
Workshops with SPA/RAC on the management of MPAs and Natural Capital Workshop


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