With measurable impact and professionals in the blue economy,
we build companies social responsibility to help conserve and sustainably use the oceans.

2019 - 2020 Annual Report

Our story

Build your Ocean Responsibility

Oceanogami is an international consultancy specializing in blue economy and ocean sustainability. We act as a liaison between companies, governments, non-governmental organizations, research centers and other institutions that have a relationship with the marine environment. We provide consultancy services, help to build capacity, and create awareness for marine conservation to companies and other organizations through citizen science, always navigating towards a blue society.

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What we do

Helping organizations and citizens
to improve their Ocean Responsibility

We work engaging companies and other organizations that want to improve their ocean responsibility, their knowledge, build capacity and skills for ocean conservation. We focus on corporations and entities that want to make a change to be more environmentally responsible, particularly to the marine environment.

Corporate Clean-Up Map

We work with companies to improve their ocean responsibility. This map showcases all the different locations where we have completed corporate clean-ups and how much we have collected. If you want to improve your companies sustainability and education on the marine environment, then book a free consultancy now and put your company on the map!

This is how we have positively contributed to the ocean:

Up to this day, Oceanogami has participated in 24 projects, including 2 Marine Protected Areas, and has worked with different companies and organizations to achieve Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. In addition, we have worked with Stakeholders in the management of the marine environment in the Mediterranean Sea and carried out various citizen science campaigns.

Completed Projects
kg of Collected Plastic
Sensitized Organizations
Sensitized People

Hear what our customers say about us:

“In the activity we learned and raised awareness about the islands of plastic in our oceans and how we can save water. We have to be more responsible and take care of the environment.”



“Just the fact that so many people came together to do the right thing, trying to be responsible with the use of our packaging, reusing it and making sure not to pollute the environment, the seas, the beaches … it is a fantastic initiative.”

– Global Sales Director at Hi-Cone

“The activity was a good way to introduce corporate responsibility with the marine environment within the company and its workers. Beyond the positive effect of cleaning a part of the beach, it served to visualize first-hand the impact that all of us have on the environment. It was a small-scale action that we want to continue building and constantly raising awareness among the company’s staff.”