Our History

We help build your ocean responsibility and navigate towards a blue society.

With the goal of making marine environmental responsibility more accessible and effective, Oceanogami was founded in 2018. Since then, we have collaborated with numerous organizations and individuals to raise awareness and solve the problems affecting our ocean.

Dr. Patricia Puig detected the lack of a bridge connecting marine research with business and public action. In 2018, she came up with the idea of creating Oceanogami, an organization dedicated to connecting people to the ocean and making marine sustainability more accessible and effective.

Today, our specialized work expands internationally. We act as a link between companies, organizations (governmental and non-governmental), research centers, citizens, and other institutions.

Our activities, events, and projects promote a positive and sustainable relationship with the marine environment. In each service or consultancy, we focus on sustainability, impact, and improving our skills to create greater awareness for marine conservation.

Nuestra historia Oceanogami Paty Puig

“Our mission is to unite citizens and organizations to promote a sustainable and accessible ocean.”

Misión y Visión Oceanogami

Mission and Vision

From the union of the Spanish word “Océano” and the Japanese term “Gami” 神, [kaꜜmi] (the spirits, elements of the landscape and the forces of nature), Oceanogami was born. To us, it means: “Working together to connect people to the ocean.”

At Oceanogami, we believe in the concept of a “Blue Society”: a vision of a society where people benefit from the ocean while preserving its environmental integrity. Thus, we adopt a multidisciplinary vision in which cultural, social, and economic needs are integrated with environmental objectives to create truly sustainable solutions. We also believe in the importance of education, outreach, and skill development among participating actors at any level in marine environmental management.

Our core values ​​are sustainability, education, community, and collaboration.

"Our vision is a society that benefits from the ocean while preserving its environmental integrity."

Our team

Our team is expanding to include a larger network of multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to protecting our ocean. If you share our company values ​​and would like to be part of our team, we encourage you to contact us for future opportunities!
Patricia Marti Oceanogami

Patricia Puig, Ph.D.

Marine Science Consultant

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda

Programas educativos de apoyo

Support educational programs

Ensuring equitable education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities are essential to building a sustainable future. Oceanogami helps develop educational and capacity-building programs that deliver a set of skills needed for future ocean leaders through citizen science events and workshops.

Mares sanos gente sana

Healthy seas, healthy people

The well-being of citizens is part of Oceanogami's core values. We promote the health of our ocean and the people who depend on it. All our actions take into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Promoción comunidades sostenibles

Promotion of sustainable communities

We believe that working together with communities is necessary to have a healthy and sustainable ocean. Oceanogami promotes the co-responsibility of citizens, tourists and companies for the marine environment.

Promoción igualdad de género

Promoting a gender-equal community

Gender equality is a fundamental right and is essential for sustainable development. We promote gender equality by empowering women's leadership and using gender-neutral language for our communication.

Acción Climática

Climate action

Every action taken to preserve our environment is essential to protecting our climate. Oceanogami works to assess the impact of human action on the climate and promote low-carbon events.

Consumo y producción responsable

Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production are the keys to a cleaner, healthier planet. Oceanogami organizes awareness campaigns and tailored environmental sustainability programs to promote responsible consumption and the circular economy.

Vida en la tierra

Life on earth

The land and the ocean are connected, and we cannot protect one without the other. Our work on marine environmental issues extends to protecting coastal species and the terrestrial environment.

Protection of the marine environment

Protecting the marine environment is at the core of the work that Oceanogami does. All of our principles find their roots in the love of the ocean. We believe that protecting the marine environment should be everyone's duty. This is the vision we are promoting in all our programs and services.

Más fuertes juntos

Stronger together

We believe that alliances with different sectors are key to finding effective solutions. Oceanogami has partnered with various sectors (governments, NGOs, companies, etc) to advance the same goal of sustainable development.

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