Consulting and Personalized Training in Marine Conservation and Blue Economy

Experts in Blue Economy

Get the best advice from a multidisciplinary team of more than 70 expert consultants in the blue economy.

Management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Enhance and optimize the management of Marine Protected Areas thanks to our tailored consulting and training service. Our trainings are guaranteed to provide effective management of MPAs and are key to a sustainable blue economy.

Training and Capacity Building

Develop the skills and competencies necessary to advance as a professional in the blue economy sector through training and workshops given by our team of experts in marine conservation and management.

Participation and Collaboration

At Oceanogami, we believe in the power of collaboration and active participation of all stakeholders. We develop and implement appropriate engagement strategies, ensuring that everyone involved has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the project.

Participación y colaboracion

Global Impact

With a wide network of collaborators and projects worldwide, Oceanogami has a global scope. We work in various regions, from the Mediterranean to South America,  and are always looking for new opportunities to promote Marine Conservation and Blue Economy.

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CLUSTER project entrepreneurship training for women and young people in the Mediterranean to develop sustainable businesses
Workshops and training activities for better management of MPAs in collaboration with MedPAN
Workshops with SPA/RAC on the management of MPAs and Natural Capital Workshop


Frequent questions

Oceanogami has a team of highly qualified consultants in the blue economy. We work hand in hand with our clients to identify opportunities to develop and implement blue economy strategies and action plans. Our comprehensive approach considers all aspects of a project’s life cycle, from strategic planning through implementation to monitoring and evaluation.

At Oceanogami, we focus on sustainability. Therefore, we always seek to integrate the concepts of blue, green, and circular economy in all our projects. We ensure that our clients understand and apply these principles in their operations and strategies. For example, in the “RESET Project” for INJAZ Tunisia, we incorporated these concepts into their curriculum to encourage sustainable practices.

We offer a wide range of services that support the implementation of MPAs, including strategic consulting, planning and design, training, and project management. We work hand in hand with clients to define the objectives of the MPA, develop an implementation plan, train staff, and provide ongoing support during implementation.

Oceanogami firmly believes in the importance of collaboration and active participation of all stakeholders in MPA projects. We implement effective participation strategies to ensure that all interested parties have the opportunity to contribute to the project. At each stage, we seek to create opportunities for feedback and participation, thus ensuring that all voices are heard.

At Oceanogami, we offer a variety of training programs designed to strengthen the skills and competencies necessary for effective marine management and environmental conservation. These programs range from basic training to advanced training on topics such as blue economy, MPA management, marine conservation, leadership for marine conservation, and communication. We aim to provide participants with a solid and deep understanding of these topics.

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