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Oceanogami is proud to have an international team committed to marine conservation and preservation of our ocean. Our team is a dynamic mix where each member brings a unique set of experiences and skills. Wecontribute to a positive impact on marine life by leveraging our diverse talents to create innovative and effective solutions. We are united by the desire to protect our ocean for all.

In addition to our core team, we have more than 70 consultants in the blue economy and ocean sustainability sectors with various specializations who currently collaborate with us. If you are an independent consultant and want to join Oceanogami, you can contact us!

Consulting Team

My mission is to help build a blue society.

I have an interdisciplinary background in marine conservation with a Ph.D. specialising in ocean management and Marine Protected Areas. I have managed projects and collaborated with different sectors in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, Red Sea, Pacific and Indian Ocean, especially on remote islands.

CEO and Founder (Digital Nomad)

My goal is to drive Oceanogami's mission and goals through digital marketing and social media.

As a communications and graphic design professional in sustainability and global development, I connect scientific expertise with public understanding, advocating for harmonious coexistence between humanity and our precious marine ecosystems.

Marketing & Community Manager (Valencia)

Blue Economy Consultant (Japan)

Proposal Writing (Digital Nomad)

Environmentalist and ecologist specialized in the marine environment. I am currently a collaborator at Oceanogami in consulting and organizing awareness activities with companies.

Scientific Communication Consultant (Madrid)

Capitalization and Blue Economy Consultant (Rome)

Consultora en economía azul


Intern in blue economy (Cyprus)


Environmental Communication

Environmental Impact - Capitalization Strategies (Italy-Palestine)

Artist and Designer

Underwater and terrestrial Photographer

Digital Marketing and Crowdfunding

Hector Rus Alonso


Business Consulting (Mexico)

Communication and Awareness

Citizen Science and Research projects

Expert Consultant in Socio-economics and Fishing

Expert Consultant in Governance in Marine Protected Areas

Expert Consultant in social aspects of Marine Protected Areas

Anne Walton

Expert Consultant in Marine Protected Areas and Nature-Based Solutions

Those who trust us



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