Ocean Culture and Citizen Science Campaigns

Oceanic Culture

We collaborate with educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies to develop educational programs that increase awareness of ocean conservation. Promoting ocean culture can contribute to the broader ocean conservation and sustainability movement, fostering a culture that values ​​and protects these vital ecosystems for current and future generations.

Citizen Science

Through campaigns, workshops, and events, we enable citizens to contribute significantly to the conservation of marine ecosystems by collecting key information for scientific research.

Research Centers and Marine Conservation Platforms

We collaborate with research centers and marine conservation platforms to deepen and expand oceanic culture by promoting the conservation of marine ecosystems, protection of endangered species, and preservation of biodiversity.

Educate to Conserve

Our work at Oceanogami is based on the belief that knowledge leads to action. Our education and outreach programs are designed to foster understanding and appreciation of the ocean and its complex ecosystems. By providing this comprehensive education, we seek to inspire people to take actions in their daily lives that contribute to the health and sustainability of our ocean. We believe that every individual has the power to make a difference, and our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to make this happen.

Educar para Conservar Oceanogami

Science and Community

At Oceanogami, we understand that science is not just the work of scientists. Citizen science, which we promote and use in many of our projects, shows that we can all contribute to the research and conservation of our ocean. Through data collection, observation of marine species, or beach cleaning, anyone can become an advocate for the ocean. Additionally, these activities foster community cohesion and cooperation, creating networks of individuals committed to protecting our blue planet.

Ciencia y Comunidad Oceanogami
Collecting microplastics with Surfing for Science
Taller de concienciación - Oceanogami
Taller infantil de arte y concienciación sobre especies protegidas
A short film raising awareness about single-use plastics and their environmental problems


Frequent questions

Oceanic culture is fundamental to understanding and appreciating the vitality and relevance of our ocean. The ocean plays an integral role in the life balance on Earth including climate, food, transportation and much more. By promoting ocean culture, we seek to increase knowledge and understanding of the crucial role of the ocean in our lives and why its conservation is essential for the sustainability of our planet.

There are several ways to promote ocean culture in your community. This can include organizing beach cleanups, educating others about the importance of ocean conservation, and participating in citizen science projects like those we offer at Oceanogami. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to creating a community that is more aware and respectful of our ocean.

We would love to have your participation in our citizen science projects. You can get involved in various ways, from participating in the “Biomarathon” to collecting microplastic samples as part of the “Surfing for Science” project. For more information on how you can participate, we invite you to contact us through our website.

Our collaboration with research centers and marine conservation platforms, such as eOceans, is a vital component of our work. These alliances allow us to process and analyze data on a global scale, providing valuable information about the ecological and social patterns of the ocean environment. This collaboration is essential to expand ocean culture and improve our understanding of the ocean, its biodiversity, and its role in the global system.

Citizen science is a powerful tool for the conservation of the ocean. It allows individuals of all ages and backgrounds to actively participate in scientific research, whether through collecting data, observing marine life, or participating in beach cleanups. By engaging citizens in science, we not only increase the amount of data available for research, but also foster greater awareness and appreciation for our ocean. This in turn promotes oceanic culture.

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