Participatory marine guide from Barcelona (In Catalan)



Participatory marine guide of Barcelona (in Catalan)*
Made with and for people who want to know the biodiversity of our coastline.

Do you want to know the species of the Barcelona coast?

This participatory and visual guide reveals the marine species (algae, invertebrates and vertebrates) that can be found when diving a few meters from the coast of Barcelona, ​​​​Sand Adrià de Besòs and Badalona.

All photographs are taken by the participants and collaborators of the citizen science project UrbamarBio: exploring marine biodiversity through citizen science, a project that aims to investigate, through citizen participation, the marine species that can be observed and photographed. Through these processes, it is possible to describe the species that we find on the coast in a more exhaustive way, and thus value the importance of people’s collaboration in this research project, while at the same time allowing readers to bring the sea closer.

© Project promoted by: Annelids, Institute of Marine Sciences and the Superior Council of Scientific Research

First edition, 2021Spain

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