Oceanogami is an integral facilitator for protecting our ocean, promoting ocean responsibility through training and activities, providing blue economy consultancy, and promoting ocean awareness through education and awareness. Our unified approach encompasses companies, governments, NGOs, and citizens by promoting effective actions for marine conservation.

Economia azul sostenible Oceanogami

Sustainable Blue Economy Consulting

Our team of experts in the Blue Economy, Marine Conservation, and effective management of Marine Protected Areas offer their knowledge and skills for the development and planning of projects and consultancies.

Responsabilidad oceanica Oceanogami

Corporate Ocean Responsibility

Through programs of events and activities related to the marine environment, we connect the needs of the ocean with the CSR objectives and projects of companies. Together, we face the problems of the marine ecosystem and promote marine corporate responsibility and teamwork.

Cultura oceanica Oceanogami

Ocean Culture and Citizen Science

We connect society directly with marine ecosystems. Our marine citizen science events and activities encourage greater protection of the environment as well as inform and educate the public to have a better understanding of oceanic challenges at a social and scientific level.

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