Workshops with SPA/RAC on the management of MPAs and Natural Capital Workshop


We partnered with the Specially Protected Areas Regional Activities Center (SPARAC) to improve the management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) through a 5-day workshop for PPA professionals in Gokova Bay, Turkey. Throughout the week, we were able to discuss, share, and develop skills and capabilities for better management of MPAs as well as learn directly from the local community and grassroots organizations about the work being done in Gokova Bay.

Through this collaboration, we provided training and resources to MPA professionals from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey and Libya and introduced them to the development of efficient management plans for these important ecosystems. We also organized an excursion to the Gokova MPA where attendees had the opportunity to learn about the collaborative management model implemented and the work carried out by the NGO Marine Conservation Society.

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