Responsible Marine Tourism

We work to promote responsible tourism, for example working on local and global problems such as plastics and climate change. We provide consultancy services to hotels and also help to create programs to promote responsible tourism. One of our core projects is TuriMarBa, promoting responsible tourism along the Barcelona and Catalonian coast, by organising different outreach and educational activities along with the local company Anèl·lides, Serveis Ambientals Marins.

Current Projects


One of our core sustainable tourism projects is TuriMarBa, promoting responsible tourism in the Barcelona and Catalonian coastal region, by organizing different outreach and educational activities along with the local company Anèl·lides Serveis Ambientals marins. Within this project, we advance awareness of the problem of plastics, increase marine environmental responsibility and promote Barcelona’s marine biodiversity in the tourism sector, as well as helping to find adequate solutions for responsible tourism. This is how Barcelona can become a point of reference for responsible and environmental marine tourism.

Our objectives are:

  • To sensitize and make people aware of the problem of marine waste, as well as to find solutions to promote recycling and circular economy.
  • Approach and contribute to the recycling and reuse of waste through artistic recycling.
  • Critically assess human intervention in the environment and adopt behaviors that favor the protection of the natural environment.
  • Promote knowledge about the great biodiversity of Barcelona’s beaches.



We are proudly part of Biosphere:

Biosphere is a certification of tourism sustainability that guarantees an adequate long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions in terms of tourism sustainability. It offers the opportunity to companies in the sector to design products and services with a new model of non-aggressive tourism, satisfying the current needs of customers and users, without compromising future generations.

In this sense, Oceanogami is committed to carry out a sustainable management of its activities in Barcelona, through the adoption of commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing the impact of our facilities and activities, both internal and external, as well as optimizing the sustainability of the company by improving its behavior with the environment.

Learn more about Biosphere here.