Ocean Management & MPAs

Ocean management and Marine Protected Areas provide a refuge from pressures on the marine ecosystem by humans. They benefit the health of coastal and marine ecosystems, thereby improving the sustainability of the resources they supply to humans. Marine Managed Areas can support marine life and allow local communities to thrive, providing us ecosystem services. Through our projects, Oceanogami supports efficient ocean management and Marine Managed Areas implementation from writing the proposal to the final implementation, taking into account social, cultural and environmental values.

  • Stakeholder engagement. Identification of key stakeholders and design of a stakeholder engagement strategy appropriate for your Marine Managed Areas designation process, from a one-off bilateral consultation to ongoing collaborative multisectoral management.
  • Monitoring and evaluation. Scientific support for species and ecosystem monitoring and impact assessment.
  • Planning. From site selection to the development of management, implementation, and monitoring plans.
  • Implementation. Drawing from real-world experience to identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing management approaches in order to improve them and make them workable in practice.
  • Managers and enforcers. Training and capacity building to improve technical skills (e.g. marine ecology, spatial data analysis, decision support tools, impact assessment & monitoring methods…) and management skills (e.g. stakeholder engagement, process design, strategic management, governance analysis…).
  • Communication and outreach. Development of communication strategies and key messages to communicate to different audiences. We can develop communication materials (including audio-visual materials and infographics) to help you promote or communicate about your Marine Managed Area via different channels, including social media.
  • Capacity Building. Oceanogami provides training in leadership skills for conservation science. Our training is designed and adapted to the need of the customer.
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