Corporate Responsibility

Oceanogami dedicates itself to connect companies and organizations that want to improve their responsibility, knowledge, capabilities and skills for ocean conservation through consultancy. Our main focus consists of helping these organizations meet SDG 14 and related, as it is a key to achieve the 17 SDGs of the 2030 agenda. Similarly, we work with NGOs and government agencies. We perform this by engaging the public, finding solutions and developing capabilities for a sustainable use of the marine environment.

With partners in Catalonia and overseas we organize awareness campaigns, team-building immersive experiences, workshops and talks, in order to create awareness and find solutions for marine environmental problems (plastics, pollution, overfishing, climate change). For example, we collaborate with Asociación Ambiente Europeo when engaging with companies to find solutions to marine litter (see videos).

  • Let’s tackle the environmental impact of your organization: Assisting companies and institutions to find effective solutions for marine environmental problems.
  • Immersive team building experiences and awareness campaigns in the beach and sea: Taking action in marine environmental problems using citizen science.
  • Sustainable solutions for your organization: Workshops with the aim to create awareness and develop sustainable ocean solutions.
  • Support in the technical communication of your organization: Environmental communication support and production of reports.


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Current Projects

RSC-Mar: Corporate responsibility in Barcelona coastal region

In partnership with:

Marine waste and plastics are one of the biggest current environmental problems that are affecting the marine biodiversity in the Catalan coast. Therefore, it is important to build a marine environmental responsibility to conserve our oceans and biodiversity.

To raise consciousness about this problem, we seek to build a marine environmental responsibility and increase awareness about Barcelona’s marine biodiversity in the corporate sector, as well as helping to find suitable solutions to improve the responsibility of companies and employees. This is how Barcelona can become a point of reference for having responsible companies in the marine environment. We offer activities to develop the marine environmental responsibility of your company, as well as increase team cohesion (team building) by carrying out environmental responsibility work such as collecting plastics in the sea and beach.

Our objectives are:

  • Develop corporate marine environmental responsibility through various training activities and experiences.
  • To sensitize and make people aware of the problem of marine waste, as well as to find solutions to promote recycling and circular economy.
  • Generate a team connection.
  • Approach and contribute to the recycling and reuse of waste through artistic recycling.
  • Critically assess human intervention in the environment and adopt behaviors that favor the protection of the natural environment.
  • Promote knowledge about the great biodiversity of Barcelona’s beaches.

Building a Responsible Underwater Diving

In partnership with:

With Underwater Barcelona, ecofriendly dive resorts we organize underwater beach clean-ups and PADI courses for your team. For group activities contact Our aim is to increase awareness about Barcelona’s biodiversity and to develop your underwater diving skills that are responsible with the marine environment, at the same time that you take action helping to have a clean and healthy ocean. If you book through Oceanogami you will also receive a personalized recycled souvenir. For groups we offer an environmental talk by a marine biologist!

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Diving Baptism

Designed for all people, especially diving beginners. The class includes 30 minutes of theory where you will learn how to use the equipment, underwater communication, safety methods and ends with 30 minutes underwater (maximum of 8 meters) with an instructor.
*Minimum of 8 years old

Open Water Diver

The most popular and recognized diving course. It includes 5 dives, equipment, PADI theory, 2 exams (online and one written) and the PADI Open Water qualification. Upon passing the course, they will be able to dive up to 18 meters deep.
*Minimum of 12 years of age

Advanced Open Water Diver

The next step after completing the PADI Open Water. It includes 5 dives (one up to 30 meters deep), equipment, deep water navigation, 3 adventures of your choice, PADI theory, PADI Advanced Open Water qualification.
*Minimum of 12 years of age

Rescue Diver

It includes 10 dives, 2 practice dives, equipment, PADI online theory, PADI Rescue Diver qualification
*Requirements: minimum 12 years of age, PADI Advanced Open Water qualification or similar, first aid qualification and diving insurance.

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