Capacity building

The marine environment needs capable leaders with management skills to match their scientific and technical expertise. Oceanogami can coach small teams in collaboration, communication and leadership skills needed to manage and protect the marine environment effectively. Oceanogami also offers scientific training and tailored talks around marine ecosystems and related conservation issues. Oceanogami can offer scientific and technical training tailored to your specific circumstances. Our current projects cover a wide array of marine environmental topics at different levels, from general knowledge to postgraduate level.

  • Communication. Improving self-confidence and developing personal communication styles that create a direct connection between speaker and audience, regardless of who they are or the setting they are in.
  • Facilitation and Conflict resolution skills. If carefully planned and well managed, collaboration helps to minimize conflicts and solve problems in marine resource management. We can help you develop the process planning, facilitation, and conflict management skills in order to design and implement effective collaborative processes.
  • Problem solving. Increase teams’ effectiveness at problem solving by applying a systems approach to reveal assumptions, identify root causes of problems, and think strategically to develop targeted solutions.
  • Personal leadership development. Support for individual team members to identify and build on their personal leadership skills.
  • Marine conservation topics: Delivering talks about marine biodiversity, ecology and monitoring.

We also work with our Mediterranean Marine Conservation Leadership Network to organize training to MPA practitioners and professionals in the Mediterranean basin.

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